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Intruder Alarms

Did You know that Intruder alarms are the most influential

factor in deterring a break-in?

Soteria Can Keep You Safe

High quality, long lasting intruder alarms

We provide quality solutions to all your intruder alarm requirements, from small residential burglar alarms, to large monitored commercial security systems. We design, install, monitor, maintain and repair burglar alarms.

As an independent company, we are not bound to a particular brand or supplier. This means we can choose from any alarm product on the market, matching the alarm to your type of property, its risk level and location.

Working closely with our customers, we make recommendations that are appropriate for you and your requirements. You can be sure that you are getting the security system that is exactly appropriate to your needs.

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Supply and Fit

We can source the best package for your requirement. We can then fit this into your property and ensure it is correctly set up and ready to use.


We can offer a maintenance package which will involve us ensuring your equipment is up to date, working efficiently and give you peace of mind.

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